Alocasia Baginda

Alocasia Baginda

The Alocasia Baginda is a popular member of the Araceae family. The Alocasia Baginda plant can dwell in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Alocasia Baginda Appearance

Scientific name
Alocasia Baginda
Common Name
Alocasia baginda Dragon Scale

Alocasia Baginda Care

More than 24°C
Direct Light


The Alocasia Baginda dwells great between 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the thick-leaved jewel alocasias are not frosted hardy. It is always better to transfer the outdoor plant to a warm area before the arrival of fierce frosty winters. Furthermore, be careful to save the plant from drifting near a window. Direct contact with electric appliances like heaters, air conditioners, or fans is also harmful to the plant.


The Alocasia Baginda dragon scale needs bright filtered sun exposure. However, they are resistant to partial shade. We always recommend rotating indoor potted plants frequently. This will ensure equal distribution of sunlight to all parts of the plant.


The Alocasia Baginda plant and its other family members are native to rain forests. Thus they need frequent watering. However, over and under watering, both are unsuitable for the plant. In summer, a water frequency of two to three times is suitable. However, in winter reduce the frequency to once a week.


The Alocasia Baginda plant remains happy in humid environments.


The Alocasia Baginda, just like its other family members prefer moist and well-drained soil. A chunky ‘standard Jungle mix’ or ‘Aroid mix’ is suitable. Sandy and rocky soil are not suitable for this plant.


The Alocasia plants are on no.4 in toxicity. The Ingestion may result in ulceration and swelling in the throat and esophagus. Thus, always keep babies and pets away from the highly toxic plant.


The Alocasia Baginda dwells great by adding a ‘slow-release fertilizer’. Water-based fertilizers are also good options.

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